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Welcome to Painted Blind.

We are a discreet personal introduction service providing a bespoke method for meeting your ideal partner.

If you have found us, then you are probably tired of trawling through hundreds of online profiles looking for “the one”, becoming overwhelmed with the amount of information available and all but discarding the top 2% of “best looking” profiles. You will have likely also been on several dates where you have been provided with a select amount of (positive) information about your date and are subconsciously trying to disprove/verify the details you have been offered in order to get the full picture whilst simultaneously inwardly criticising the more than perfect photographs they have provided to you. In our opinion, this trend in internet dating often gets the date off to a negative start.

A Personal Introduction Service

Painted Blind is a Personal Introduction Service with a difference. The two most noticeable features being the absence of a member profile photo and personal biography.  We strongly believe that it is important to attend a first date with an open mind.

At Painted Blind, we also go the extra mile to meet personally with every member at a convenient venue in Central London.  This meeting enables us to understand exactly who you are and what you are looking for in your ideal partner. What attributes your partner must have, and what characteristics are negotiable. Above all we are here to work out exactly what makes you tick! We then personally match you with potential dates, using both our bespoke developed software in tandem with our personal knowledge of you. We truly believe that finding your perfect match is down to understanding you and not what boxes you ticked on the application form. Feedback is obtained from each party after a date and shared with the other party.

What People Say About Us

Alice has a real eye for matching people based on a combination of both personality and looks. I recommend Painted Blind
From the moment we met, I knew I was indebted to Painted Blind for finding my perfect partner